Samplers Revisited

New Charts

Santa Visits Scotland

Featuring the Scottish Flag!

Santa Visits Canada

Featuring the Canadian Flag!

Santa Visits Great Britain

Featuring the Union Jack Flag!

Santa Visits Texas

Featuring the Lone Star!

Funky Blue Crab

A Blue Crab Sampler

Nelley Sharp 1791

A Reproduction Adam and Eve Sampler

Beach Wreath

Sea Urchins, sand dollars and sea stars, oh my!

Santa Visits New Jersey

Featuring the Barnegat Lighthouse!

Santa Visits Pennsylvania

Featuring the Liberty Bell!

Santa Visits Virginia

Featuring the Pineapple 

Santa Visits North Carolina

Featurning the Cape Hatteras Light House 

Santa Visits Maryland

Featuring the Maryland Flag

Santa Visits Delaware

From the First State featuring the Blue Hen!


Mary Applegate 1848

 Reproduction Sampler from New Jersey 

Jane McNair Ketching 1862

Reproduction Sampler from Edinburgh

Great Pumpkin Mennonite

Fourth in the Great Pumpkin Series