Samplers Revisited

Coastal Collection

Bargello Blue Whale

Fool the eye Bargello

Bargello Crab

Fool the Eye "Bargello"

Beach Life

A Wonderful Way of Life

Beach Wreath

Sea Urchins, sand dollars and sea stars, oh my!

Beautiful Sea Sampler

Birth, wedding, anniverary or event sampler

Big Bad Bargello Crab

Fun with Bargello

Blessed Are We Who Live By The Sea

One in the series of Coastal Charts

By the Sea

Colorful seaside chart

Clockwork Crab

4th in a series


Favorite Crustacean!

Dancing Delmarva Blue Crabs

Your favorite crab to stitch!

Dreamin' of the Beach

Third in the Crab Series

Fall in Ocean View

4 Seasons Series

Funky Blue Crab

A Blue Crab Sampler

Happy Red Crab

Second in Crab Series

Keep Calm and Think of the Beach

A new take on the British slogan!

Life is Better At the Beach

What else can we say?

Life's A Beach

Coastal Collection

M is for Mermaid

Sampler Motif Series

Maryland Flag Crab

State Crustacean in flag design

My Heart is at the Beach

Coastal Collection

Patriotic Crab

An American Icon

Patriotic Whale

Another American Flag

Quaker Blue Crab

Quaker style two ways!

Quaker Blue Whale

Quaker Style Two Ways!

Quaker Flamingo

My Favorite Bird

Seaside Blessings

Birth or Sea Sampler

Spring in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Summer in Ocean View

4 Season Series

The Beach is my Happy Place

Coastal Collection

The Beach Fixes Everything

From the Coastal Collection

Winter in Ocean View

4 Season Series