Samplers Revisited

New Charts

Quaker Blue Crab

Summer in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Spring in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Winter in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Fall in Ocean View

4 Seasons Series

Sew & Stash

Fun Look at Chemistry

Great Pumpkin Bargello

6th in the Series

Yarn & Stitch

Good Chemistry!

Great Pumpkin Florentine

5th in Series

Bargello Crab

Fool the Eye "Bargello"

Vino & BYOB

7th in the Wine Series

Cat & Wag

For Animal Lovers!

Brew & Cheers

8th in the Wine Series

Beach Life

A Wonderful Way of Life

Save Water - Drink Beer

6th in the Wine Series

Save Water - Drink Wine

5th in the Wine Series

Happy Hour

4th in the Wine Series

Girls Night Out

3rd in the Wine Series

Santa Visits America

Featuring a Betsy Ross Flag!

Rachel Lewis 1791

Pennsylvania?  Reproduction Sampler

Beer and Wine

2nd in Wine Series

Patriotic Crab

An American Icon