Samplers Revisited

New Charts

Santa Visits South Carolina

The Palmetto state!

Elizabeth Stockley c.1821

Georgetown, Sussex County, DE

Pumpkin Quaker Sampler

Quakers in Fall colors

Quaker Blue Crab

Quaker style two ways!

Summer in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Spring in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Winter in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Fall in Ocean View

4 Seasons Series

Sew & Stash

Fun Look at Chemistry

Great Pumpkin Bargello

6th in the Series

Yarn & Stitch

Good Chemistry!

Great Pumpkin Florentine

5th in Series

Bargello Crab

Fool the Eye "Bargello"

Vino & BYOB

7th in the Wine Series

Cat & Wag

For Animal Lovers!

Brew & Cheers

8th in the Wine Series

Beach Life

A Wonderful Way of Life

Save Water - Drink Beer

6th in the Wine Series

Save Water - Drink Wine

5th in the Wine Series

Happy Hour

4th in the Wine Series

Girls Night Out

3rd in the Wine Series

Santa Visits America

Featuring a Betsy Ross Flag!

Rachel Lewis 1791

Pennsylvania?  Reproduction Sampler

Beer and Wine

2nd in Wine Series

Patriotic Crab

An American Icon