Samplers Revisited

New Releases for 2020 Nashville Needlework Market

Samplers Revisited will be releasing 8 new charts at Nashville on March 6-8th.  All those lucky enough to attend, please visit me in the Stitching Pretty Presents suite 230.  Those of you that would like to stitch one of these charts, please contact your local shop to order.  You can find all the basic information about the charts under "Charts" and then "New".

First is Patriotic Crab

Then Beer and Wine (part of the new Wine Series)

Then another Santa Ornament "Santa Visits America" with a Betsy Ross Flag

Then a reproduction Sampler, possibly from Pennsylvania, Rachel Lewis 1791

Then Girls Night Out from the new Wine series

Then Happy Hour from the new wine series (are you getting a pattern here?)

Then Save Water - Drink Wine

and finally Save Water - Drink Beer  (to be fair to the beer drinkers)

I am excited to release all these fun to stitch charts for you to collect and stitch!  I am currently working on more charts that use the Periodic Table like "Beer and Wine".  My late husband was a Chemist and I was a Marine Biologist so it comes naturally.  LOL.  Happy Stitching,   Patty