Samplers Revisited

Delaware Charts

Big Bad Bargello Crab

Fun with Bargello

Dancing Delmarva Blue Crabs

Your favorite crab to stitch!

Dorcas Bolden 1807

New Castle Delaware Sampler Reproduction

Elizabeth Stockley c.1821

Georgetown, Sussex County, DE

Fall in Ocean View

4 Seasons Series

Lydia Wharton 1821

Millsboro, Delaware Reproduction Sampler 

Priscilla Talley 1839

New Castle County, Delaware Reproduction

Rebecca E Craig 1844

Kent County, Delaware

Sampler Band Crab

Sampler Band Series

Santa Visits Delaware

From the First State featuring the Blue Hen!


Sarah Shields

Reproduction Sampler from New Castle County, Delaware

Spring in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Summer in Ocean View

4 Season Series

Winter in Ocean View

4 Season Series